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The recipe for the bread calls for two thirds rye flour and one third wheat flour, but this proportion can vary depending on the baker. The use of a sourdough starter, however, is obligatory. The rye makes the bread more wholesome than a wheat-only dough, because it has a lower percentage of gluten, making it more digestible. Traditional flavorings can be mixed into the dough, like flax, coriander, cumin, anise and fennel seeds.

After rising for at least 24 hours at a constant temperature of between 25 and 26°C, the loaves are baked in wood-burning ovens at 200°C for around an hour.

There is an annual festival for Lesach Valley bread: On the first Sunday of September, bakers bring their bread to the central square of the town of Lesachtal, and the whole community comes together to celebrate this key traditional product