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Slow Food Travel
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Presidio Slow Food Lesachtaler Brot

Slow-Food Presidio

Wheat and rye cultivation began to fall in the 1980s until almost completely disappearing. A number of people and organizations have helped revive the grain-growing and bread-baking tradition, including a university professor in Vienna, Eiko Funada, who has been researching bread production in this area for over 25 years. Bread-baking expert Willi Engelstorfer and Simon Wöckl, a biotechnology student in Vienna and a Slow Food Austria consultant, launched the revival project, and the Slow Food network, which is very active in the area and started the first Slow Food Travel itinerary, worked to identify local producers. These were the first steps that led to the establishment of the Presidium, which aims to protect the entire production chain, from the cultivation of local rye and wheat varieties to bread-baking, and to promote a sustainable agricultural model and bread production, which can become an important source of income for the producers.